Need Remove Your App?

Are you a developer of an app that we’ve reviewed or featured on Narechk blog? You’re free to decide if you want to remove your app from our website and our server. We’re happy to comply with your decision. 

To get it removed, you need to follow a mandatory process. The only condition is that you have to email us from your official email address to ours with the removal request. 

Our official contact address: 

  • admin [at] 

(Please replace [at] with “@” symbol)

How do we remove the app?

Once you send us your removal request, we’ll look into your email, validate it, and verify if the claim and request are valid. Once verified, we’ll take up to 72 hours to remove that app from our site and server. But the process often takes no more than 24 hours. 

If you’re confused about the “official email address”, here’s an example: 

If your app name is Whatsapp, it may look like either of these two: 

[email protected], 

Or, [email protected] 

Both the emails are acceptable, second one being the owner mother company of that app. 

Thank you, 

  • Admin
  • 30 August 2022
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